Wildlife Videos

The Year(s) of a Cat


Music video featuring a tribute to “Otis” a member of the family, with music by The Fray

The Ecstatic Squirrel Finds a New Playground

If you haven’t met the Hilarious, Ecstatic Squirrel already, you can catch up with him on our youtube channel Besides rubbing, dancing and flopping all over a fallen hemlock tree, this fluffy-tailed nut vacuum has shown an affinity for walking on water. The frozen kind. Once again, to the lively strains of The Mighty Mighty [...]

Girl Fight!


Usually,  subtle signals and displays that threaten aggression are enough to ward off a physical confrontation. Apparently, for these two hens, the situation called for more direct action.

Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers: how to tell them apart


In the northeast, these two species overlap in their range, visit backyards and backyard feeders and look almost exactly alike. I’ve put this short video together to point out some behavioral differences that will help you separate these look-a-likes.

Squirrel pair in a playful mood set to music

natfunny squirre

The Dating Pool


Backyard Bird and Squirrel Action


Squirrel dances to Dropkick Murphy Song


Follow the birds and wildlife in my backyard habitat

Eastern gray squirrel

You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment, or travel to exotic lands to be awed by the nature dramas being played out all around us [catlist] It’s easy to ignore the things we see every day, and that includes our most common birds and wildlife. For the past two years, I’ve been documenting¬†(¬†through [...]

Nuthatch Frenzy

white breasted nuthatch

woodpecker vs. mealworm


New woodpecker joins the backyard habitat