PHOTOS: Birds and Wildlife of the American Southwest

Ground squirrel family

This slideshow features images of the varied wildlife that are common in Arizona and New Mexico. Want more? Click here and enjoy, browse and share more photos like these blog gallery – Images by Kathy Vespaziani

Attract more birds and wildlife to your backyard habitat

The Cold Blue Jay

For serious backyard bird and wildlife watchers, an understanding of animal behavior is essential A backyard habitat requires basic tools like feeders, a water feature, native wildflowers, nest boxes and a carefully selected menu to attract a wide variety of species. Once you’ve “set the table” and have a steady stream of visitors to your [...]

PHOTOS: Funny Birds and Wildlife

natfunny squirre

Spend some time observing the birds and wildlife in or near your home, and you’ll be surprised by the multitude of comical expressions, funny poses and laugh-out-loud situations you’ll find.  

Gray Catbird and House Finch Sunning Themselves at the Beach

house finch sunning

Before today, all of  my avian sunning photos were taken at one location: my backyard and deck. Sometimes I get the feeling that there’s something about me that encourages birds to relax and take it easy, as these new photos of birds sunning themselves demonstrate:    These birds engaged in sunning behavior at Webb State [...]

Catch birds doing amazing things in your own backyard


  The “other” Birding Hot Spot Growing up in the suburbs of Boston in the 70’s I had a passion for learning about the natural world, discovering the unexpected. and sharing my enthusiasm for nature with others. With the help of books, magazines and TV, I pictured myself in The Galapagos and the Amazon as [...]

Remember When the Crested Caracara Came to Massachusetts ?


For the uninitiated, bird watching may seem like a passive, peculiar and maybe silly activity, but it’s a pursuit that has a lot in common with a treasure hunt, or “seek and find” games. It combines patience with the kind of passion and perseverance usually reserved for treasure hunters or The Discovery Channel’s new stars: [...]

Newest email marketing campaign


In an effort to publicize my photography, I’ll occasionally create a “direct email” piece and send it to prospects and targets, via AdBase. Here’s the first one for 2011

Bird Watching Becomes Birding and attracts a new breed


For the un-initiated, “bird watching” conjures up visions of mature ladies with ill-fitting floppy hats and “sensible” shoes, holding opera glasses up to their faces while whistling at what may be actual birds somewhere in that tree. Although that breed of veteran bird watcher does exist, an influx of tech-savvy, energetic and passionate “birders” has [...]

Put animal magnetism to work for your business

avian profile pic

Miserable Blue Jay gets “Honorable Mention”

The Cold Blue Jay

This photo of a Blue Jay, looking cold and miserable while visiting the backyard, was entered in the National Wildlife Federation photo contest and was awarded an “honorable mention”

No bird feeders allowed? How to fight bird feeder bans in your neighborhood


There’s a growing trend in the “not in our backyard” movement that impacts urban and suburban backyard bird-feeding hobbyists alike. In most cases, it’s David vs. Goliath, with powerful and unyielding condo associatons ordering the removal of bird feeders from the entire property. Even private landowners can feel under siege by anti-bird feeder activists driven [...]

The Ecstatic Squirrel Finds a New Playground

If you haven’t met the Hilarious, Ecstatic Squirrel already, you can catch up with him on our youtube channel Besides rubbing, dancing and flopping all over a fallen hemlock tree, this fluffy-tailed nut vacuum has shown an affinity for walking on water. The frozen kind. Once again, to the lively strains of The Mighty Mighty [...]

Girl Fight!


Usually,  subtle signals and displays that threaten aggression are enough to ward off a physical confrontation. Apparently, for these two hens, the situation called for more direct action.

Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers: how to tell them apart


In the northeast, these two species overlap in their range, visit backyards and backyard feeders and look almost exactly alike. I’ve put this short video together to point out some behavioral differences that will help you separate these look-a-likes.

Squirrel pair in a playful mood set to music

natfunny squirre

Couples, love, commitment, and hard work: It’s easier in April

mallard mating 0313

Love is easier in april. . . With the anticipation of longer days, the flush of Spring romance, late nights lingering beneath the moon, endless daydreaming of summer’s quick arrival. If you stop to look, you’ll see that love is in the air. You don’t hear about the December to May romances, but thats the [...]

The Dating Pool


Backyard Bird and Squirrel Action


Squirrel dances to Dropkick Murphy Song


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Follow the birds and wildlife in my backyard habitat

Eastern gray squirrel

You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment, or travel to exotic lands to be awed by the nature dramas being played out all around us [catlist] It’s easy to ignore the things we see every day, and that includes our most common birds and wildlife. For the past two years, I’ve been documenting ( through [...]

Proven tactics to get birds and wildlife closer for photographs


A three part series that will show you how to use your knowledge of animal behavior to bring backyard wildlife closer to you (and your camera). If you’re new to backyard bird feeding and need to purchase feeders, feed or accessories, visit Duncraft, Part one: Habitat and Habituation If you enjoy your backyard wildlife habitat, [...]

Nuthatch Frenzy

white breasted nuthatch

woodpecker vs. mealworm